Russian Roulette(Part-1)

On September 6,2022, Ukraine unprecedented counterattack aiming to liberate few of the territory that Russia had taken over earlier in the war or according to Putin terror regime “ Special military operation”.

On the other end of spectrum, For Ukrainian government and PRESIDENT VLOYDMR ZELENSKY , This was a matter of time rather than matter of location , The two potential target for counterattack were no brainier for Ukrainian leadership

First was Kherson which is located at the souther part of Ukraine

The second was in north ,towards outskirts of Kharkiv which is the second largest city in the country

US and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE MI6 verified Ukrainian claims of first counter attack to be very successful , Resulting liberating 7% of its occupied lands just in the initial phase of the war

So how Ukrainian army with the help of western aid in the form of sophisticated weapons and humanitarian managed to liberate around 8 thousand square miles in a matter of weeks .

Russia and its army strength that the world very very much overestimated got exposed . From cheap Chinese tyres used in tanks that Ukrainian army blew up in hundreds , To food ration for Russian soldiers which expired years ago and coupled with united Ukraine and demoralised Russian army ,it was a perfect ˇRecipe for a disaster

Now coming back to war tactics Russia basically shot itself in the foot, And Ukrainian trap to take full control of Russia’s president , General ,Commander of every battalion it was Vladimir Putin

According to British intelligence service Putin was directly involved in the war .he was giving orders to much experienced Army generals . Vladimir Putin has never served in military . Before becoming president he was stationed at east Berlin which was under the influence of soviet communist regime. IN short Soviet Union collapses in 1991 and Putin became the mayor of st’s Petersburg. So if any company national or international company which wants to operate in st’s Petersburg will have to go through Putin. He was corrupt politician right from the beginning of his role as st’s Petersburg mayor to President of Russia which would reshape a country heading to a democratic path to a complete kleptocracy or PUTIN’S kleptocracy. So how its works in Russia , Russian elites which are known widely across the globe as oligarch


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Fig.1- Ukrainian army advancing towards Kherson


The strategic problem is that Kherson was an island for Russia with the Dnipro river surrounding the city and its corresponding region to the east and the line of control and an counter offensive outnumbering Russian army to the west .


In the early stages of war , Russia captured it as a strong foothold to head toward Odesa-a

But the strategy eventually failed, The other goal was to make Black Sea inaccessible for the Ukrainian army through the Dnipro.


No matter how many soldiers, highly lethal weapon , missiles using satellite to pinpoint the direction from where the enemy is attacking but above all that what you need is constant supply of meal ,water and weapons which Russians were using to re supply , A lot of that logistics was coming from bridge connecting Odesa-a to Kharkiv


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Fig-2 Bridge over Dnipro river  

In the north city of Kharkiv objectives were way more straight forward (Kharkiv with pre-war population of around 1.4 Million) more than half of residents of Kharkiv have evacuated to the western part of Ukrainian such as Lviv and majority of the refugee went to Poland. Poland has thus so far taken more refugee than any other country despite having Poland’s internal challenges


Kharkiv was among the first few cities that RUSSIAN TERROR regime bombarded and turned greenish classic European city into piles of derbi. It seems like Russia invaded Ukrainian to completely destroy the infrastructures and terrorise the population ,forcing citizens to take shelter or flee out of the country. However Russian troops were expelled from the area in the outskirts of city immediately back in may but they still had control over large chunks of area to the north and east


PART -2 Drops On Saturday 7PM GMT




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