THE SPECIAL MASTER (Developing News)


Donald Trump and DOJ present their suggestion for The SPECIAL MASTER.

The 45th president Donald Trup clinched a victory in the legal battle against DOJ as a judge in Florida granted Trump the right of a third party SPECIAL MASTER as both the sides have suggested The special master of their own choice. Donald trump . The government has proposed former New York federal judge  . Many republican senators have raised a serious concern of “weaponisation of Department of justice” headed by Mary garland.

Merrick Garland Vows Independence As Attorney General | Time


Recent indictment of former Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon and FBI raid at Mar-a-lago has divided the USA even more. Joe Biden campaigned heavily on uniting the country but  recent indictments of Trump associates has led republicans lack of Trust in FBI has eroded even more.

Ty Cobb who served during Trump administration called out The 45th president of united states called him a narcissist in a CBS Podcast. Ty Cobb who was ousted from Trump administration in 2018. He has made several appearances on main stream media since FBI raid on Trump residence.

Recent developments

9th of October -2022-9.40 GMT
Sen. Lindsey Graham threatened to cancel  a meeting with the mother of a Capitol police officer if she didn’t stop criticizing Trump, Claimed in his Book

Geopolitical situation are at their worst


Where do we start?  Tense geopolitical situations, food crisis, rising international crude coupled with a very high level of uncertainty in the future. War in Ukraine hasn’t Come any close to any peace deal  and now the world is preparing for another invasion of a sovereign nation Taiwan by China 

While in the US soaring gas prices, food prices and even baby formula has been increasingly difficult to find in US stores.

In Tokyo, Joe Biden met the newly elected leader of Japan. While Addressing the media, When Joe was precisely asked by a journalist “ would you militarily get involved if china invades Taiwan “ Joe Biden replied, “yes, that’s it has been our policy and we are committed to it “.  Getting militarily involved with china means US soldiers stepping foot on Taiwanese soil, which according to the regime in Beijing (CCP) is an integral part of China.

There are some key point points that we can take from the ongoing economic crisis.

 1. When covid spread all over the world, leading to the shutdown of numerous manufacturing jobs but to keep the liquidity in the market. Fed poured in trillions of dollars which resulted in very quick recovery in the Market but this time things are a bit different. Due to soaring high prices in crude as EU  to somewhat and the united state has cut off their reliability on Russian oil. Will the demand in US domestic market will remain high which lead to inflation , tempting fed to be too aggressive with interest rate hikes to control the inflation now it seems it might backfire which would be a catastrophic event  for the economy all over the world 

2. When America sneezes, the world catches a cold. Tension is growing and it is making the market nervous, while in the short term there may be some recovery in the market in the long term, there seems to be little to no light at the end of the tunnel considering the current geopolitical event

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