Are we heading towards recession?  

Inflation. This one word has created a state of panic in almost every sector. Provided it is been the highest recorded inflation rate in 40 Years. To fight inflation, the Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates, and when the Fed starts pumping the brake to fight the inflation. As...

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Geopolitical situation are at their worst

GEOPOLITICAL EVENTS ARE AT THEIR WORST SINCE WW2 Where do we start?  Tense geopolitical situations, food crisis, rising international crude coupled with a very high level of uncertainty in the future. War in Ukraine hasn’t Come any close to any peace deal  and now the world is preparing for...

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 Volatile gold prices and fear of 4th wave

To understand the correlation between USD and Gold prices. first, we have to understand what drives the value of the US dollar  Factors that Impact currency value  1.  Falling crude prices 2.  Positive reports on job numbers 3.  Rise in Real state prices  These are the major factors that...

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Central bank raises interest rates for the first time since 2018  

Jerome Powell . Chair of central bank of USA Equity market is the money, each step taken on wall street is to make a profit. The USA recorded the highest inflation hike at 8.5 per cent. Highest recorded in last 4 decades. The inflation rate is not necessarily depends...

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Russian Ukraine conflict pushes gold prices to 16-month highs-sectors most likely to benefit

As of 13th March, gold mcx was trading at 1987$. As the Russia-Ukraine Conflict escalates gold prices are expected to make an all-time

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Global sell off amid geo-political situation, Crude oil above 115$


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Nifty Bank & Financial Services stocks rally amid weak markets; Axis Bank, HDFC Bank emerge top gain

Nifty Banking and Financial Services reversed yesterday’s trend to trade higher despite weak markets on Tuesday. PSU Bank stocks that…

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Wipro Q3 PAT almost flat at Rs 2,969 cr; to continue WFH globally for next 4 weeks amid Omicron wave

IT services major Wipro Ltd on Wednesday posted a consolidated net profit of Rs 2,969 crore for the December 2021 quarter, almost flat…

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Charlie Munger on Getting Rich, Wisdom, Focus, Fake Knowledge and More

“In the chronicles of American financial history,” writes David Clark in The Tao of Charlie Munger: A Compilation of Quotes from…

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Portfolio Management – Meaning and Important Concepts.

It is essential for individuals to invest wisely for the rainy days and to make their future secure. What is a Portfolio ? A portfolio…

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