Are we heading towards recession?  

Inflation. This one word has created a state of panic in almost every sector. Provided it is been the highest recorded inflation rate in 40 Years. To fight inflation, the Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates, and when the Fed starts pumping the brake to fight the inflation. As history has taught us Several times but we humans are doomed to repeat the history

Factors leading into recession

Russian Invasion of Ukraine, ongoing supply-chain disruption due to China’s covid-19 zero-tolerance policy and the end of $ 5 trillion in federal pandemic aid proved to be a catalyst in the already worsening economic crisis.


Is recession inevitable

Deutsche Bank shared its concern earlier this month by becoming the first major bank to speak about forecasting, albeit a “mild” one. Now, it’s warning of a deeper downturn caused by the Federal Reserve’s quest to battle high inflation

.”We will get a major recession,” Deutsche Bank economists wrote in a report to clients on Tuesday.

Bueno Returns stance on the current crisis across every spectrum possible

We have been criticizing the fed’s policy from the day they doubled down on a hike in the interest rate and increased it twice in such a short span. Jerome Powell is chair of the federal bank might not be a fit person to lead the fed during the times we haven’t witnessed in many decades. We have already witnessed Fed increasing interest by half a percentage point which is the highest increase in interest rate in last the 18 years. Now many big players in the town are calling the federal bank for the same as we did in our recent articles.

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