Be smart in investing Use Buenoreturns as your partner

we don’t sell fake dreams, luring people in into high riskier practices such as intraday trading, invest based on technical charts ,investing into random stocks without any knowledge of the that particular stock

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Our Mission is to promote investment and not speculation.

Through our advisory services, we wantto encourage socially meaningful and responsible investments which aren’t unsocial or unethical.“Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction” as told by Warren Buffet. We believe in this
principle of Warren Buffet. Wealth is created through Investment, speculation destroys the wealth. Investment multiplies money in long term but speculation is a minus some game and erodes wealth, only the stock brokers, tax collectors and jobbers make money at the cost of speculators.

Our mission is to guide the investors and traders community to come out of this menace of speculation and only invest & earn. Since the time immemorial speculators have never earned money, they don’t realize that there is no money in the pot for them to earn, it is simply their perception and greed. History has proved that an investor gets an investor’s return, and a speculator gets a speculator’s return. One needs to understand the lines in between.


Our policy is to sell advisory services and not to miss-sell it.

If our clients don’t profit from our advisory services than as a part of responsible advisory services, we make sure that until he recovers his losses and costs, we don’t discontinue his services. We have well trained and experienced client relationship management (RM) team. The RM’s personally talks and interact with clients and not only resolve their problems but ensures that clients make profit from our advisory. We believe in client loyalty. We guide our clients through personal interaction and tutorials section as how the clients can use our services. We study the risk profile and risk appetite of our prospective clients and based on the analysis we suggest suitable services to them.
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