Use Buenoreturns to grow your investment faster.

We listen to our customers and helps them get most out of their investment through our exclusive service plan.

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Fundamental based investment

Fundamental analysis is a method of assessing the intrinsic value of a stock. It combines financial statements, external influences, events, and industry trends.

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Portfolio Management

The non-discretionary manager is more like an advisor than a portfolio manager himself. we advise the investor in which routes are best to take.


Asset and wealth Management

Our wealth and asset management specialists work with wealth managers, private banks, asset managers, and asset owners in helping them achieve their ambitions.


Medium term investment

Investment calls for medium term investments are given based on the Rational Analysis theory (Technical +Fundamental). This is the second best services after Multi-bagger.

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The best way to describe us its that our approach to market is very conventional. Although we all agree it is very boring to hold on to your investment for a lengthy period but that’s the only way to get decent( Bueno) return in this world of equity market.we don’t sell fake dreams, luring people in into high riskier practices such as intraday trading, invest based on technical charts, investing into random stocks without any knowledge of the that particular stock.

Our motto is to make our client money and and money for our company at the same time.

Advantageous to everyone.


Its time to make your money work for you.

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Independent Advisory Model

Your money remains with you. We have skin in the game as we invest in companies that we recommend to our clients.

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Quality + Growth at Reasonable Price

A combination of growth + value investing. The objective is to adhere to steady, sustainable, and consistent growth while avoiding overpriced stocks.

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Optimally Diversified Portfolio

Our portfolio is adequately diversified to minimize unsystematic (diversifiable) risk, i.e. avoid stock-specific shocks

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Robust Screening Process

Emphasis on good quality financials, economic moat, and business models that have the potential and capability to outperform peers in the medium-long run.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, any investment in equity comes with certain risks. A prudent investor understands that there are risks to any and every investment. Our philosophy and approach to investing aims at minimizing portfolio risk and at the same time maximizing returns potential. We continuously monitor our recommended investments so that timely actions can be taken when needed. Market returns do vary across asset classes and due to changing dynamics. While this involves risk – it also awards the opportunity for benefit of gaining from these variations.

Most advisors have a large spread of their client’s portfolio and invest in over 30 stocks. We have a focused approach of investing in fewer good-quality growth stocks. Buenoreturns distinguishes itself from the majority of investment advisors in India by offering these features – limited concentrated stock investing, constant monitoring of portfolio, robust research methodology, low churn (exit and entry amongst stocks in portfolio) and curated investment offerings.

Buenoreturns’s stock portfolio should be viewed as a part of Equity allocation in an investor’s financial plan. Thus, though we look for a reasonable minimum investment commitment from an investor towards our offering; an ideal allocation to our expertise depends on the financial status and risk profile of an investor.

An Investment Advisor is an advisor who advises clients on monetary investments for a fee. “Investment advice” is an advice relating to investing in, purchasing, selling or dealing in securities or investment products, and advice on investment portfolio containing securities or investment products (including investment planning) for the benefit of the client.

SEBI regulations apply to investment advisors regarding registration, certification, capital adequacy, risk profiling and suitability, disclosures to made, code of conduct, records to be maintained, manner of conducting inspection, etc. All registered advisors need to obtain certificate from SEBI that mandates they meet these regulations.

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